Latest Release

“Electro Trance Theory” is DJ Einstein’s latest musical composition, which has gained momentum since its release. The album includes his most popular tracks: “U Ain’t Gotta Lie FT. Gbaby”, “Zectro,” & “Euro Electro.” 

Since the release, the album has been turning heads despite economic turmoil.   Over 700 retail online stores now carry “Electro Trance Theory” including iTunes, eMusic, djdownload, & Juno Download just to name a few digital music suppliers.



  • Mixology 101

    Released November 19, 2002

    Want some Ear candy for the soul? Want music filters, crazy blendz, and a new sound? Then listen and learn with this “one of a kind” Dance music compilation by DJ Einstein.  House is transformed into new meaning when Einstein incorporates the “Einsteinic elements” into some already groovy mixes and dance tracks.  DOWNLOAD NOW

  • Theory of Musictivity

    Released June 2, 1997

    DJ Einstein’s “Theory of Musictivity” takes a journey through the sounds of House music and integrates Old School House, Deep House,  & Hard House into one really cool music joint.When you embark on this mission, keep an “open ear” to this UP-tempo “Music theory.”  DOWNLOAD NOW


  • E=MC2

    Released July 2, 1995

    Unique blendz and sounds for the “wild &crazy” hardcore house junky!

    Einstein’s first ever music release featured over 200 edits from the Underground Construction Hardcore House regime of the mid 90’s. Get ready to bounce ya’ heads to this “oldie, but goody” non-stop dance mix!